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Location: Hakalanit 1 Dimona
Registration Number: 510714249
Location: HaKeren HaKayemet Le-Israel 1 Jerusalem
Registration Number: 510062532
Location: Halavyan 1 Migdal HaEmek
Registration Number: 560027195
Location: HaOfan 1 Holon
Registration Number: 510113459
Location: HaPelech 1 Tel Aviv
Registration Number: 520033150
Location: HaRav Gutmacher 1 Bnei Brak
Registration Number: 510428683
Location: HaRishonim 1 Beit Yitzhak-Sha'ar Hefer
Registration Number: 510739238
Location: HaShikma 1 Savyon
Registration Number: 510872831
Location: HaShikma 1 Savyon
Registration Number: 510075294
Location: HaShikma 1 Savyon
Registration Number: 520036161