How do I find information about a company in Israel?

Finding information about a company in Israel can be a challenging task for those who don’t have intimate knowledge of the Israeli legal system and economy. If you are asking yourself the question “How do I find information about a company in Israel?” first try to establish a baseline of knowledge based on what you do or do not already know.

1. Find out the company name

While this may sound like overly obvious advice, many people think they know the correct name of the company because they’ve heard it mentioned in conversations. However, when trying to find information about a company in Israel you must know the legal name as it is found on file at the Israel Corporations Authority or else you may be searching for an entity that doesn’t exist in reality. To complicate things a bit more, in Israel all companies must have a legal Hebrew name but registering a legal English name is still optional. If the company was incorporated within the last decade chances are it will have an English name on file, but many older companies never bothered to update their records with a legal English name. Many companies in Israel operate websites in English that state their legal English name on their contact page. Additionally, here at we maintain a searchable database of company names and locations. You can use our search page to view lists of Israeli companies even if you only have part of the legal English name available.

2. Determine what type of information you need

Israel is a stand out in the Middle East for being a highly open society when it comes to data and information access. Company information that is kept private in other jurisdictions (even ones in open western democracies) is a matter of public record in Israel. However, not all information is available for public view. For example directors and shareholders of all private and public limited companies as well as partnerships are disclosed but balance sheet information is not. IsraelBizReg offers three levels of reporting (basic, detailed, and full) that offer different types of data.

Now that you know a few answers to the question “how do i find information about a company in Israel”, you are better equipped to start the research process.

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