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Snow Capped Mount Hermon Israel
December 24 2013

Mount Hermon Ski Resort Resumes Business after Snowfall

While the snowstorm seemed to have paralyzed several regions in Israel, it did not interfere with business in Mount Hermon. Over 1,600 visitors from around Israel flocked to Mount Hermon to enjoy 4 days worth of snow after the ski site reopened on Monday. The snow at the ski site ranges from 24 inches in the lower areas to more than 40 inches in higher areas. One visitor said that he felt like he was in Switzerland.

Yadwire Israel Monetize Wifi
August 02 2013

Free Wi-Fi with Yadwire

If you were in Jerusalem last June to see Formula One, you might have noticed the free Wi-Fi available. Yadwire was the sole provider for the free wireless internet around the city, and they hope to be the supplier for future sporting events as well. Yadwire, an Israeli startup located in Ra’anana, supplies free access to Wi-Fi by using social media and integrating advertisements into browsers.

Israel Solar Energy Battery
August 01 2013

Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery

From providing heat to better agricultural technology, solar energy has been regenerating and conserving energy for years. Now solar energy takes on a new level with Sol Chip, the everlasting solar battery.

Archtip Archeology Mobile App
July 25 2013

Architip Embraces Archeology with Technology

There is a new way to look at archeological sites in Israel. Architip, a recently funded Israeli start-up, brings history to life. No matter how spectacular a historical site might seem, many people struggle to stay interested looking at the crumbled ruins of an old site.

Imonomy Free Website Images
July 22 2013

Free Images for Websites Using Imonomy

In the visual media world of today, a simple article of words is just not enough. Webpages, mobile apps, blogs, and other media need to have images and other visual elements in order to grasp the public's attention.

Sunrise saves Better Place
July 18 2013

Sunrise Saves Better Place

Better Place, the Israeli start-up company of electric vehicles, seems to have found a savior. After filing for bankruptcy last May, Better Place was sold to Sunrise Ltd., headed by the Association for the Promotion of the Electric Car in Israel and Yosef Abramowitz.