Israel Business

Wibbitz Text to Video App
July 12 2013

Wibbitz: A New Way to Read News

Have you ever tried to read an article on your smartphone without expanding the picture? The small words are hard to read, and you end up losing your place as you scroll down. This is the inspiration for Wibbitz according to Zohar Dayan, the CEO and co-founder of the Israeli start-up company.

BioXtreme Robotic Rehabilitiation
July 10 2013

BioXtreme Technology Revolutionizes Rehab

Most patients, after suffering a cerebral stroke or other neurological injuries, are paralyzed or seriously weakened, and rehabilitation can take anywhere from a few months to many years. BioXtreme claims they can reduce that time by half.

Cisco NDS Israel Merger
June 20 2013

Waze Deal Big, but Still Dwarfed by Cisco’s Acquisition of NDS

Last week’s deal whereby Google acquired the Israeli mapping company Waze for $1 billion in cash was big news in the tech industry. Although $1 billion is certainly a lot of money, it still isn’t the largest exit of an Israeli company in the high-tech space. That honor goes to last year’s deal between Cisco Systems and NDS. Cisco shelled out an astounding $5 billion to buy this Israeli-founded firm and integrate its products and intellectual property into their company.

Better Place EV Electric Car Israel
May 26 2013

Israeli Electric Car Maker Better Place is Going out of Business

It was just last week that I received a slick brochure in the mail from Better Place with their latest deal to purchase one of their electric vehicles (EV). For a down payment of $7,000 I could get a Better Place EV with full road service and a home charging station. The monthly payment is $700 for 72 months. Total price tag comes to about $57,400 at the end of the six year period. The new campaign was just kicked off in conjunction with one of Israel’s largest department stores. Apparently the marketing department didn’t get the memo that Better Place is planning of filing for bankruptcy this week.