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Camero Xaver Israel Military Technology
July 22 2014

Innovative Israeli radar can see through walls

Camero, an Israeli hi-tech startup, has clients in over thirty countries around the world. Its flagship product is its line of Xaver sensors, which use micro-power pulse radar technology to create three-dimensional images of rooms behind walls of various materials.

Israel Syria Lebanon Hezbollah War
May 05 2013

Israeli Strikes Syria in Expansion of Civil War

As the Syrian civil war enters its 3rd year the action has been getting uncomfortably close to Israel. This week, the Israeli Air Force was reported to have carried out air strikes on the outskirts of Damascus causing enormous explosions that could be felt throughout the city. While the Israeli defense establishment is keeping quiet on these strikes for now, according to sources quoted by the New York Times, the indented target was advanced weaponry of Iranian origin headed for Hezbollah gorillas in southern Lebanon.