Israel Politics

Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister
December 18 2016

Netanyahu to Make Historic Diplomatic Middle East Visit

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to embark on an historic visit with some of the more moderate majority Muslim countries. This is an effort to reach out to Muslim nations so as to foster diplomacy and, perhaps, even open up some further avenues for trade. While visiting, Netanyahu also plans to meet with important figures within the Jewish communities of these respective nations.

Donald Trump Israel
December 18 2016

What will Donald Trump's election mean for US Israel relations?

The election of Donald Trump as president of the United States has caused a number of countries to reevaluate the relationship that they have with the country and the agreements which they operate under. One of those countries is Israel and its own people aren’t the only ones concerned about some of the actions that have recently occurred regarding the president elect.

Yair Lapit Yesh Atid Israel Minister of Finance
December 30 2013

Lapid Promises to Force Food Prices Down

Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid defended the government's record as well as his political party, Yesh Atid, earlier this week on Israeli TV. Lapid promises that there will be significant improvements so long as he and his party continue to remain in the government.

Bank of Israel Logo
August 09 2013

A Never Ending Search for the New Bank of Israel Governor

By: Sarit Newman

The Bank of Israel has had a whirlwind of a ride trying to find a new governor. On July 29, Prof. Jacob Frenkel, the governor designate after former governor Stanley Fischer, withdrew his candidacy to become Governor of the Bank of Israel because of an alleged shoplifting incident. The item of his desire was of a bottle of perfume at the Hong Kong Airport several years ago.

Yair Lapid
January 27 2013

What Does Yair Lapid Mean for the Israeli Economy?

Yair Lapid was certainly the dark horse of the 2013 Israeli general elections. With all the polls predicting his new party Yesh Atid would get at most 12 seats, Lapid came in second place with 19 mandates for the 19th Knesset. While all the pundits in Israel and abroad were busy predicting an Israeli election that focused on Benjamin Netanyahu and his new partnership with Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu the new coalition government will surely include Lapid with a requirement to implement his vision for economic and social reforms.