Israel Technology

Israel Facebook Developers
March 26 2014

Israeli Facebook developers launch DeepFace facial recognition technology

Almost two years after Facebook’s controversial acquisition of Israeli facial recognition company, developers now integrated into Facebook’s team have significantly improved the system, together with researchers from Tel Aviv University.

The new system, dubbed ‘DeepFace’, can recognize faces at all angles with an accuracy of 97.2%, close to the accuracy of human recognition.

Meta 3D Glasses
March 05 2014

Israeli company challenges Google Glass with a sleek, fast competitor

One of the most talked-about presentations at the recent Mobile World Congress held in Barcelona was Meta Pro, a pair of fashionable 3D augmented-reality glasses with five times the computing power of an iPhone. Comparisons were constantly with Google’s upcoming Google Glass: Meta claims to outdo Google in almost every respect, with a field of vision 15 times larger than Glass, faster computing power, and the ability to use the glasses while driving. This last factor is important, as Google Glass has already been banned for use while driving vehicles.

Israel Cyber War
February 03 2014

Israeli Companies Prepare for Cyber War

Israel has been under the threat of global and regional terrorism for decades but a new problem has surfaced: cyber-terrorism. Various security breaches of online systems in Israel have taken place over the past few years. Now the first international cyber security conference hosted in Tel Aviv, Cybertech 2014 features a hundred new Israeli companies ready to commit to finding a solution to the cyber wars.

Israel Cellphone Carriers
December 13 2013

Israel's 3 major Cellular Companies to Share Networks

In light of the anti-monopoly law that was mandated and passed earlier this week, Cellcom, Pelephone, and Golan Telecom signed an agreement this past Monday to build and operate a shared LTE 4G radio network.

Cellcom and Pelephone has also agreed in sharing passive elements of cell sites for existing networks while signing an Indefeasible Right of Use (IRU) agreement with Golan Telecom in exchange for Cellcom's 2G and 3G networks.

Facebook Israel Onavo
October 15 2013

Facebook Invests in Israel with Acquisition of Onavo

This week Facebook acquired Onavo, an Israeli based company that develops technologies to make mobile data networks flow more efficiently. The world’s largest social network purchased the company for a reported $150 - $200 million according to Israeli media sources.