Israel Technology

VitalGo Total Lift Bed
August 28 2013

VitalGo Helps Patients Stand Up

The patient, who has not moved in hours, has to quickly stand. The lack of balance and muscle tension can result in a fall and injure the patient. Whereas the strength and energy needed to lift the patient can result in injury for the caregiver.

Woosh Water Filling Station
August 16 2013

A Better Way to Drink Water with Woosh

There are a few things I never leave my house without: my keys, my phone, and a water bottle. For me, having a water bottle handy is a necessity. Not only is it useful for health and hydration, it is also practical from a financial aspect; I do not have to pay some outrageous price for mineral water every time I need to take sip.

Tel Aviv Electric Bus
August 08 2013

First Electric Bus Sparks Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv will soon have cleaner, energy-efficient buses thanks to the Israeli public transportation company Dan. About a year ago, the Dan bus company signed a deal with BYD to purchase 700 buses, and on August 5, Dan introduced Israel’s first operable electric bus.

Jobniks App Screen Shot
July 04 2013

A New Definition for Jobnik

When I think of the term Jobnik, I think of the army. Urban Dictionary defines Jobnik as “Israeli slang for a non-combatant soldier”, and if you ask any Israeli on the street, they will tell you the same.

Israel NSA National Security Agency Connection
June 10 2013

Do Israeli Companies Help the NSA Spy on US Citizens?

The revelation that the National Security Agency (NSA) has been gathering troves of data on individuals' telephone and internet activity was a shock to many Americans who assumed that their phone and email records were private. The leaking of the PRISM program by an ex-NSA contractor has set off a furious debate about civil liberties in America.

Israel UAV Drone
February 08 2013

Israel and Drone (UAV) Military and Civilian Technology

It seems that the issue of drones used by military has finally broken into the main stream media following a few high profile events in the US. The first was the release of a white paper defending the practice of executing suspected terrorists by the US abroad, including US citizens. High profile confirmation hearings in the US Senate on President Obama’s nominee for CIA Director, Josh Brennan featured many questions from lawmakers on the legality and ethical issues surrounding this technology.

When it comes to using drones for military and civilian purposes Israel is one of the most advanced countries in the UAV industry. Not only does the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) use drones to carry out strikes, they also have many companies which export this technology abroad for a variety of purposes.