Israel Creates Fresh Water for the World

Israel Creates Fresh Water for the World

For the past 20 years G.A.L. Technologies in Caesarea, Israel, has been quietly giving humanitarian aid in the form of water purification to countries in Africa.

Now the Marshall Islands, suffering drought despite being surrounded with water, are the latest beneficiaries of G.A.L.’s innovation. Because of their geography, the Marshall Islands are incapable of retaining rainwater, and the wells have become salty, precipitating a dangerous water shortage. At a Samoan summit for heads of small developing islands, President Christopher Loeak of the Marshall Islands in the Pacific asked Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Tzachi Hanegbi for help with a shortage of fresh water. Mr.Hanegbi arranged for delivery of the first GalMobile unit to the drought-stricken islands.

The GalMobile is a portable desalination plant on a truck, capable of providing, in a few minutes, enough water for 6500 people. It can work for 60 hours before running out of energy, and can travel up to 620 miles to any kind of contaminated water source, storing 2650 gallons. It produces water clean enough to meet the standards of the World Health Organization. The waterproof GalMobile can be deployed in half an hour. Israeli engineers and technicians can teach people in remote parts of the world to use the apparatus so that no technical staff is necessary to run it.

The new desalination technology, which relies upon reverse osmosis, is patented in 171 countries and sold to nations around the world, including some that do not have diplomatic relations with Israel. Since 2005 it has been used in Spain to provide potable water to soldiers in the field. In Ethiopia a GalMobile unit provides fresh water from saltwater wells. It is used for farming, lowering the need for chemical fertilizers and pollution. The GalMobile will soon be sent to Ebeye, an archipelago of 6000 people, which will meet all their need for fresh water.

Nonportable Israeli desalination technology, designed and produced entirely in Israel, is used in laundries, greenhouses, crop irrigation, hydroponic farming, water reclamation, and industry in many countries. Using clean water helps industrial plants work efficiently, cutting down their water needs and helping to keep their machinery clean. The company offers various options for its customers, allowing them to maintain the water-recovery systems they purchase.

In Israel G.A.L. designed and built ultra-filtration and reverse osmosis systems along the Kishon River. Every year eight million cubic meters of water purer than freshwater flow from there to heavy industries around Haifa Bay. Wastewater is reduced, reducing pollution in the Kishon and Mediterranean. The factories’ need for water is decreased, allowing more water from the Kishon to be used for other purposes.

Perhaps best of all, the GalMobile can be used in natural disaster areas. Areas hit by floods or hurricanes could obtain badly-needed fresh water for drinking and sanitation purposes the first few critical days after the disasters.