Israel Donates World's First Water Purification Vehicle to Papua New Guinea


G.A.L. Water Technologies Ltd., creators of the GALMOBILE™, announced on Monday that the State of Israel is donating a unit of their Water Purification Vehicle to the citizens of Papua New Guinea, who are suffering from the country’s worst drought this century. This achievement underscores G.A.L. Water Technologies’ commitment to "Cleaning Water and Saving Lives."

Papua New Guinea

Papua New Guinea is located on the Eastern-half of the Island of New Guinea, just North of Australia, and inhabits about six million people. Eighty-five (85) percent of the population live in villages without access to electricity and tap water. Hundreds of children die every year from diseases caused by drinking non-potable water. The state struggles with serious drought as a result of El Nino's influence. Millions of people are afflicted with starvation and lack of clean water due to the El Nino phenomenon that occurs in the Pacific Ocean.

What started out as a simple solution with the intent of saving lives, is signified as one of the leading solutions for supplying clean and safe drinking water in the event of an emergency or natural disaster. Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs purchased the desalination vehicle from G.A.L. Water Technologies to be donated to the Independent State of Papua New Guinea. On February 29th at 12:00, an event was held at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in Jerusalem, with the cooperation of Deputy Foreign Minister, Mrs. Tzipi Hotovely, and Mr. Raphael Morav, Director of the Pacific Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. As part of the program, Mr. Rami Aflalo presented the GALMOBILE's capabilities and how the system will aid the residents of Papua New Guinea in overcoming their water shortage.


The GALMOBILE™ is a mobile potable water treatment system for sustained emergency recovery and response. Independent, self-contained and automatic, the system combines all elements required to provide drinking water: source, treatment, storage and distribution. GALMOBILE™ connects to any possible water source and produces drinking water at World Health Organization standards in less than 30 minutes, yielding approximately 8,000 cups of water per hour. The system is lightweight with small dimensions, facilitating transport and shipping. The greatest advantage of the GALMOBILE™ is that it has a variety of applications and presents a complete and immediate solution to a global problem.