Lapid Promises to Force Food Prices Down

Yair Lapit Yesh Atid Israel Minister of Finance

Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid defended the government's record as well as his political party, Yesh Atid, earlier this week on Israeli TV. Lapid promises that there will be significant improvements so long as he and his party continue to remain in the government.

Despite the fact that 75% percent of the Israeli population have found his performances unsatisfactory, Lapid said that his party managed to bring the construction budget for next year forward this year. According to Lapid, Yesh Atid has used money that was collected for taxes to cancel out the increase in income tax and to provide day camps for children during holidays among other things.

Lapid said that he would be adding further NIS 30 million for medicine and medical treatment for Holocaust survivors. He hopes to put this subsidy into effect today. Ever since Lapid took office, he has successfully allocated NIS 600 million for Holocaust survivors as well as introducing other, smaller measures.

Regarding dental treatment for children, Lapid feels that its more important for him to cover costs of dental treatment for the elderly than it is for children. He said that it's the parents sole responsibility to safeguard their children's health and the government is not obligated to look after them.

In response to his decrease in popularity by 75%, Lapid said that changes cannot be implemented in one day. He and his party promised that there will be change for the better even though it's a long and slow process.

"It’s a mistake to build in the territories. We're doing good things but we're not getting credit for them because we are doing other things that aren't good. There's a good, functioning government that should be kept in place." , Lapid added on Globes.

He further stated that unemployment rate in Israel has recently dropped. Lapid reassured that he and his political party are putting in their best efforts to force prices down; they promise to cut NIS 300-400 monthly expenditure on food for families across Israel.