Not just startups: Israel Finance Ministry launches new insurance app

Israel Ministry of Finance

While Israel is well known for the innovative technological start-ups continually rolling out new software and mobile applications, the Israeli government is now launching a helpful smartphone app for Israeli citizens involved in accidents.

The app is called ‘Bituach Badrachim’, or ‘insurance along the way’. While a number of insurance apps already exist, their helpfulness is limited because of the inherent bias of the insurance company looking for customers. The fact that the app is being launched by the government, a neutral player, makes it more trustworthy and useful.

The app, developed by the Department of Markets, Insurance and Savings in the Ministry of Finance, aims to provide objective advice and helpful tools in real time to those involved in car crashes, thefts or other unfortunate accidents. The app includes information on citizens’ rights, numbers of insurance companies, appraisers, garages and towers. It also includes helpful tools, such as a voice recorder for recording on-site witnesses, a camera for taking pictures of the scene, and a flashlight. Information about the accident or theft can be uploaded to the app and sent by email.

The app helps Israeli citizens involved in such events gather all the relevant data that you would have to fill out on government forms. The forms are often written in dense legal language that act as a hurdle to many people looking to try and make up for their losses. The app goes through all the stages of the event, step by step, urging users to take in all the information even in times of stress.

There are approximately 2.5 million insured vehicles in Israel, and around 370,000 accidents a year. Bureaucratic justice is a challenge faced by many Western countries: the fact that services and help exist in a society is not enough if it is not made equally available to all citizens, regardless of their knowledge of the system.