Sol Chip’s Everlasting Solar Battery

Israel Solar Energy Battery

From providing heat to better agricultural technology, solar energy has been regenerating and conserving energy for years. Now solar energy takes on a new level with Sol Chip, the everlasting solar battery.

Sol Chip is the first company to integrate microchip and solar cells in a cross pollination that extends battery life and possibly eliminates the need for batteries altogether. According to their website, “the need to replace batteries causes considerable downtime, represents an expense, and takes a heavy toll on the environment due to battery waste.”

The Israeli company, located in Haifa, unveiled their new design in April at the International Conference and Exhibition in Berlin. Their product, The Sol Chip Energy Harvester, is the first solar battery that provides output in varying voltages. The battery is designed to harvest and supply sustainable solar and light energy to lower-power applications. The battery operates in sunlight and lowlight with an output up to 8.4 volts of power.

Although it is a relatively low output, Sol Chip is hoping to adapt the batteries into sensors used in agriculture, farming, weather testing, and security. In the milking industry, Sol Chip replaces the battery used in monitors on cows that ensure milk quality. The elimination of battery replacement is cost-effective and can save farmers both time and money usually spent on replacing the battery.

Sol Chip is also currently working with Netafim, an Israeli company that specializes in drip irrigation technology. “The company offers the missing technology that will improve batteries’ life or, in many cases, eliminate the need for a battery as a power source,” Dr. Shani Keysar, The CEO and founder of Sol Chip, told NoCamels.

The company raised $2.5 million in funding so far and hopes to target the North American and European markets, simply because they already have the connections, Keysar said. Although the company only has a staff count of six, they have a network of representatives in Europe as well as a permanent marketing director in Canada. Sol Chip hopes to expand in the coming years and continue providing energy efficient batteries.

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