TytoCare brings healthcare back home

TytoCare health app

It's that time of year again. The time of year when your kids come down with all sorts of earaches, sore throats, coughs, and the rest of the slew of worrying symptoms that befall both young and old during the winter.

Not only does this cause a lot of worrying, but it may even require a trip to the doctor's office or ER, meaning you may have to take off time at work, wait for a seemingly endless amount of time in a room full of infectious kids, and have to pay up quite a bit at the end of this whole ordeal. TytoCare, an Israeli startup started by concerned father, Dedi Gilad, wants to help get rid of this healthcare nightmare.

TytoCare was developed to make the diagnosis and treatment process much more efficient and convenient. TytoCare brings the clinic to your home. The TytoCare kit includes a modular device equipped with a stethoscope, otoscope, and a high-definition camera that can test the heart, lungs, ears, skin, throat, eyes, and temperature. The platform guides you through a complete medical exam which you can then send to a doctor or clinician of your choice.

Alternatively, you can make an appointment with your doctor to describe the symptoms to them and conduct a live, remote physical exam guided and controlled by your physician. You can then receive feedback, a diagnosis, and a prescription immediately. All information is sent via a HIPAA-compliant secure connection. The device is expected to be affordable for the average consumer and may even be subsidized by insurers or employers.

Ophir Lotan, vice president-product for TytoCare, told Israel21C that the founders of TytoCare learned that “there is a strong need for lowering the load and cost as well as improving accessibility to healthcare services even from the comfort of the consumers' homes.” More than half of all U.S. hospitals host a telemedicine program and 90% of surveyed healthcare executives say their organizations are developing or implementing telemedicine programs. By 2018, the number of Americans using telemedicine is expected to increase to 7 million. The medical field is looking for solutions to allow examinations by physicians that are better than those offered by current audio and video services, such as smartphone accessories, which usually only focus on a specific type of exam (i.e. ear) and don't provide guidance, online sessions, or a complete telehealth platform or device.

TytoCare is also developing a TytoPro kit which integrates images, audio recordings and notes into existing electronic health records. The kit will cost about what similar professional tools cost. The TytoPro will enable physicians to carry out exams in the clinic or at home visits and use the information to educate the patient and motivate treatment and follow-up care. It will also make it easier to compare information over time and allow the physician to share the information with other physicians for second opinions and consultations. With TytoCare, clinics will be able to treat more patients and will provide the patient with more information, possibly leading to higher patient retention.

TytoCare may be the end of healthcare as we know it. The era of long waiting times is over. No longer will we sit, petrified, in rooms full of possibly infectious patients. The diagnosis process will become an easy process, guided by either TytoCare or a physician you trust, and not some random doctor you've never met in a emergency room. Worrying parents, worry no more. Not only will your child get a more efficient diagnosis and treatment, but you will save time and money and even be able to do all this in the comfort of your own home. The nightmare of the diagnosis process will soon be a faint memory.