VitalGo Helps Patients Stand Up

VitalGo Total Lift Bed

The patient, who has not moved in hours, has to quickly stand. The lack of balance and muscle tension can result in a fall and injure the patient. Whereas the strength and energy needed to lift the patient can result in injury for the caregiver.

VitalGo Systems had both the nurse and patient in mind when they created the Total Lift Bed (TLB), the only hospital bed that elevates a patient from a lying to a fully standing position.

Based in Tel Aviv, the idea started in 2005 when Ohad Paz, the founder and CEO of VitalGo, and Ofer Parezky set out to create “a showering product that moves the person from a standing to a reclining position,” Paz told Israel21c. They then applied the same idea to a bed. The Total Lift Bed tilts the patient into an upright 82 degree position with the press of a button.

The bed accurately measures the patient’s weight bearing and, while raising the bed, keeps the patient’s center of gravity stable. This unique weight feature allows patients to slowly acclimate to their own weight as it is transferred to the footboard in a standing position.

The motion that TLB provides helps muscle retention, blood circulation, and accelerates recovery for bed-ridden patients. “If you have some of the weight shifted for a few hours,” Paz said, “It makes a huge difference in not losing muscle tension, which is the biggest problem.”

The Total Lift Bed is also beneficial for nurses who can easily treat and transfer the patient without the possibility of injury. As more companies realize the importance of early mobility and the advantages of the Total Lift Bed, Paz hopes that the bed soon “becomes the standard of treatment in hospitals and healthcare facilities.”

By: Sarit Newman

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