Sleep ASAP Sleep app
November 24 2015

New app aims to help users get to sleep ASAP using the power of crowdsourcing

Sleep is extremely important. Without it we have a lot of trouble functioning. Sleep is often passed over when thinking about one's health. “So I don't get 9 hours of sleep every night, what's the big deal?” The big deal is sleep deprivation, which can be a lot more harmful than a little yawning or possibly decreased performance at work. The National Department of Transportation estimates that drowsy driving has lead to 1550 fatalities and 40000 injuries in the USA. As you can see, sleep deprivation is not just an annoyance; it's a danger.

Reporty emergency response terrorism app
November 10 2015

Emergency apps are helping Israelis stay safe during wave of terrorism

With the onslaught of recent terror attacks in Israel, it's been hard to feel safe. The person next to you at the bus stop may be hiding a knife in their pocket. Any car on the road may swerve and attempt to ram into you. These attacks are nearly impossible to prevent, as many of them are lone wolf attacks. While technology may not be able to completely prevent these attacks, it may be able to help with the response. Two Israeli startups are helping Israelis get a quicker and more effective response from emergency services.

Israeli Scientists Isolate Virus for Treating Bacterial Disease
March 05 2015

Israeli Scientists Isolate Virus for Treating Bacterial Disease

In the war against bacteria, scientists are constantly having to invent new antibiotics as bacteria evolve resistant strains. Now an old idea seeing the light of day for the second time may hold the answer to the antibiotic vs. bacteria arms race. Two Israeli scientists, Dr. Ronen Hazan from the Institute of Dental Sciences at Hebrew University and Dr. Nurit Beyth from Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, are researching the therapeutic potential of a virus taken from Jerusalem’s sewage.

Camero Xaver Israel Military Technology
July 22 2014

Innovative Israeli radar can see through walls

Camero, an Israeli hi-tech startup, has clients in over thirty countries around the world. Its flagship product is its line of Xaver sensors, which use micro-power pulse radar technology to create three-dimensional images of rooms behind walls of various materials.

Israel Cleantech
July 07 2014

Israel comes first in Cleantech Innovation Index 2014

The Cleantech Group, a Swedish-based international monitor, recently published the results of a study ranking countries by the innovation in their cleantech sector. The study placed Israel first in the world, above Finland, the United States, Sweden and Norway.

Israel Jellyfish
July 03 2014

Israeli technology turns jellyfish into diapers

A new bio-nanotech startup called Cine’al is using research from Tel Aviv University to use hyper-absorbent biomass from jellyfish into a material known as ‘hydromash’, with similar properties to paper towels and absorbent wipes.