January 23 2014

Superbug Fighting Protein is Discovered by Israeli Scientists

One of the leading causes of bacterial death in the world is invisible to the naked eye. This deadly threat comes from strains of bacteria known as “superbugs” that have been programed to resist manmade antibiotics. As soon as a new drug is released into the immune system, these cunning microbes invariably vanquish it.

Israel Kippa Soccer Football
January 14 2014

Israeli Soccer League Permits Yarmulke-Wearing Athletes

Israel may be a Jewish state but religious discrimination is still a widespread problem among many sectors, including sports. While Israel may not measure up to America's tolerance of religion and sports, an Israeli football league has recently decided to accommodate their religious players.

Israel High Tech CPU
January 05 2014

High Tech Sector Witnesses a Salary Hike

According to an analysis by the Dialog Consulting for Human Resources Ltd., the average salary in the high tech sector has steadily risen since mid-2012. However, there were two conflicting trends in a lot of high tech jobs during 2013. While the number of jobs that were available was 4% higher than it was back in 2012, primarily due to the fact that there was a 15% jump in web software developer positions, the number of non-web software development positions has fallen by 2%.

Migraine Headache Woman
January 02 2014

Migraines Linked To Gum Chewing According to Israeli Study

Remember how people used to scold at us for chewing gum because it was uncouth? A recent medical study has further validated their reasons. A new Israeli study conducted by researchers from Meir Medical Center in Kfar Saba suggests that frequent gum chewing among children and teenagers contributes to the severe migraines they experience.

Yair Lapit Yesh Atid Israel Minister of Finance
December 30 2013

Lapid Promises to Force Food Prices Down

Minister of Finance, Yair Lapid defended the government's record as well as his political party, Yesh Atid, earlier this week on Israeli TV. Lapid promises that there will be significant improvements so long as he and his party continue to remain in the government.

Workplace Discrimination
December 24 2013

Women Campaign Against Discrimination at Workplaces

Reports and surveys point to a significant salary gap between men and women in the Israeli workforce. After carefully examining the socioeconomic status of women for 14 years, the National Insurance Institute found that men earn 17% more than women when working at the same position, with similar skill sets and experience. They also discovered that 2% more women live under the poverty level than men.

Snow Capped Mount Hermon Israel
December 24 2013

Mount Hermon Ski Resort Resumes Business after Snowfall

While the snowstorm seemed to have paralyzed several regions in Israel, it did not interfere with business in Mount Hermon. Over 1,600 visitors from around Israel flocked to Mount Hermon to enjoy 4 days worth of snow after the ski site reopened on Monday. The snow at the ski site ranges from 24 inches in the lower areas to more than 40 inches in higher areas. One visitor said that he felt like he was in Switzerland.