Ambulance with masked paramedics
April 22 2020

Israel Coronavirus Update

The coronavirus continues to spread through Israel, but the rate seems to be slowing. Cautiously optimistic, the government has begun relaxing restrictions, raising the distance people may travel from their homes from 100 meters to 500 meters, re-opening limited special education programming, and allowing outdoor prayers in groups of up to 19.

Israeli workers decontaminate a bus
March 29 2020

COVID-19 continues to spread in Israel

Coronavirus cases are on the rise in Israel. As the political drama comes to a close and a government is formed, what is Israel doing to mitigate the impact of this once in a century disaster?

United Nations, Israel seat empty
February 25 2020

What is the UNHRC?

The UNHRC released its database on companies operating in the West Bank. What is this database, and what does it mean for businesses operating in Israel?

Busy Israeli Market
January 07 2020

Going into 2020 – Israeli tourism is booming

According to the numbers just released by the Israel Bureau of Statistics, Israel has become an incredibly attractive destination. 4.5 million tourists visited the tiny nation in 2019 (a huge number for a country of just 9 million). Compare that with 2.89 million tourists in 2016, and Israeli tourism appears to be having a spate of miraculous growth.

Tesla Model 3 Israel
December 16 2019

Tesla is finally coming to Israel

In mid-November 2019 Tesla Motors registered a wholly owned Israeli subsidiary and began the process of breaking into the Israeli market. Meetings were set with the Israeli ministries of transportation and energy and a spate of hiring began in Tel Aviv. Yet with such a small market, many wonder if demand will justify Elon Musk’s most recent move.