Israeli Palestinian Soccer
February 10 2014

Soccer Unites Israeli and Arab Children

Despite the regional tensions Israeli and Arab children have managed to put their differences aside and focus on one of the things that unites them; soccer. Perhaps there may be a ray of hope for peace yet. As part of the Equalizer project, Israeli and Arab children from northern towns and villages gathered last week at Kiryat Shimona municipal stadium for a soccer tournament.

Israel Cyber War
February 03 2014

Israeli Companies Prepare for Cyber War

Israel has been under the threat of global and regional terrorism for decades but a new problem has surfaced: cyber-terrorism. Various security breaches of online systems in Israel have taken place over the past few years. Now the first international cyber security conference hosted in Tel Aviv, Cybertech 2014 features a hundred new Israeli companies ready to commit to finding a solution to the cyber wars.

January 23 2014

Superbug Fighting Protein is Discovered by Israeli Scientists

One of the leading causes of bacterial death in the world is invisible to the naked eye. This deadly threat comes from strains of bacteria known as “superbugs” that have been programed to resist manmade antibiotics. As soon as a new drug is released into the immune system, these cunning microbes invariably vanquish it.

Israel Kippa Soccer Football
January 14 2014

Israeli Soccer League Permits Yarmulke-Wearing Athletes

Israel may be a Jewish state but religious discrimination is still a widespread problem among many sectors, including sports. While Israel may not measure up to America's tolerance of religion and sports, an Israeli football league has recently decided to accommodate their religious players.