Israel Internet of Things
January 12 2016

Israel becoming an Internet of Things leader

The Internet of Things (IoT) is quickly taking over society. From smart watches to smart home systems, the IoT is infiltrating our lives on a larger and larger scale, and for good reason. The IoT makes us use energy more efficiently, stay aware of the world around us while also using the internet, and keep track of basically anything, and that's barely scratching the surface of how much the IoT is affecting the world around us.

Israel Facebook Developers
March 26 2014

Israeli Facebook developers launch DeepFace facial recognition technology

Almost two years after Facebook’s controversial acquisition of Israeli facial recognition company, developers now integrated into Facebook’s team have significantly improved the system, together with researchers from Tel Aviv University.

The new system, dubbed ‘DeepFace’, can recognize faces at all angles with an accuracy of 97.2%, close to the accuracy of human recognition.

Israel Cyber War
February 03 2014

Israeli Companies Prepare for Cyber War

Israel has been under the threat of global and regional terrorism for decades but a new problem has surfaced: cyber-terrorism. Various security breaches of online systems in Israel have taken place over the past few years. Now the first international cyber security conference hosted in Tel Aviv, Cybertech 2014 features a hundred new Israeli companies ready to commit to finding a solution to the cyber wars.

Israel High Tech CPU
January 05 2014

High Tech Sector Witnesses a Salary Hike

According to an analysis by the Dialog Consulting for Human Resources Ltd., the average salary in the high tech sector has steadily risen since mid-2012. However, there were two conflicting trends in a lot of high tech jobs during 2013. While the number of jobs that were available was 4% higher than it was back in 2012, primarily due to the fact that there was a 15% jump in web software developer positions, the number of non-web software development positions has fallen by 2%.