Teddy Sagi
December 14 2017

Teddy Sagi not scared by Brexit - continues expand business empire in Israel & UK

Born in Israel and resident of the U.K., Teddy Sagi has been an integral facet of recent rounds of funding in Israel. Chiefly, Sagi invested $3 million in SmartGreen Ltd., which was announced by Sagi’s business group. He’s something of a British business magnate. His mobile ad firm, Glispa Global Group, generates considerable revenue, as does his online gambling game developer, Playtech PLC.

Israel Tourism
January 13 2017

Israel smashes tourism records with nearly 3 million visitors in 2016

Tourism is one of the largest industries around the world and for just about any country it’s essential to their very survival. For Israel, this is actually becoming even more important and it’s actually becoming even more profitable as well. In fact, in the last three months the country hit an all-time high in the amount of people who visited as a tourist in the region.

Israel Solar Energy
December 24 2015

Israel becoming a leader in solar energy use and technologies

Energy based off of non-renewable resources is a huge problem. Not only does it pollute the air with carbon dioxide and other emissions, it is also not a renewable resource. Luckily we can use energy from renewable sources, such as wind and solar energy. Not so luckily it's fairly expensive to do so...or at least it was until Utilight, a six-year old Israel start-up, came around.

Israeli Start Up
June 19 2014

Government to help Israeli start-ups looking for seed funding

The Chief Scientist Office in the Israeli Ministry of Economy has long been seen as a model of success. Aiming to foster economic growth through technological breakthroughs, cutting-edge research, innovations and entrepreneurship, the office regularly gives out grants in the form of low-risk loans, only demanding the investment money back if the project is successful and financially viable.

Israel High Tech CPU
January 05 2014

High Tech Sector Witnesses a Salary Hike

According to an analysis by the Dialog Consulting for Human Resources Ltd., the average salary in the high tech sector has steadily risen since mid-2012. However, there were two conflicting trends in a lot of high tech jobs during 2013. While the number of jobs that were available was 4% higher than it was back in 2012, primarily due to the fact that there was a 15% jump in web software developer positions, the number of non-web software development positions has fallen by 2%.

Unemployment Line
December 04 2013

14,420 Israelis Reported Unemployed Since October While Poverty Ensues

A recent data has revealed the hike in numbers of Israelis out of work in October. Statistics indicate that 14,420 Israelis are currently unemployed. According to the Israel Employment Services, the number of people who lost their jobs in October has reached a new high in comparison to the 28% rise in July and 24.7% spike in October 2012.

Yair Lapid
January 27 2013

What Does Yair Lapid Mean for the Israeli Economy?

Yair Lapid was certainly the dark horse of the 2013 Israeli general elections. With all the polls predicting his new party Yesh Atid would get at most 12 seats, Lapid came in second place with 19 mandates for the 19th Knesset. While all the pundits in Israel and abroad were busy predicting an Israeli election that focused on Benjamin Netanyahu and his new partnership with Avigdor Liberman’s Yisrael Beiteinu the new coalition government will surely include Lapid with a requirement to implement his vision for economic and social reforms.