Israel OurCrowd equity crowdfunding platform
February 12 2018

The widespread influence of Israeli crowd equity platform OurCrowd

OurCrowd is a leading, crowd equity platform based in Jerusalem with branches in the U.S., Canada, Singapore and Australia. The firm just wrapped up its biggest investor conference, which involved an exhibition of the latest robotics, drones, medtech, AI, and mobility tech. Jon Medved, CEO of OurCrowd, made headlines with his announcement that OurCrowd raised $650 million, anticipating that they will soon break the $1 billion ceiling this year.

Benjamin Netanyahu Israeli Prime Minister
December 18 2016

Netanyahu to Make Historic Diplomatic Middle East Visit

Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, is set to embark on an historic visit with some of the more moderate majority Muslim countries. This is an effort to reach out to Muslim nations so as to foster diplomacy and, perhaps, even open up some further avenues for trade. While visiting, Netanyahu also plans to meet with important figures within the Jewish communities of these respective nations.

Waze Danger
March 11 2016

Waze app led Israeli soldiers into harms way

On February 29, two IDF soldiers accidentally drove into the Qalandiya refugee camp late at night. They were attacked by rioters with firebombs and rocks and their jeep caught on fire, causing them to flee and separate. This sparked a riot which ended with a firefight between Palestinians and IDF troops who came to rescue the two soldiers. At the end of the fight, one Palestinian was dead and others were injured. The soldiers were found and rescued, but the outcome could have been much, much worse. Why would they drive into a dangerous refugee camp?

Israel Palestinian Peace
January 04 2016

Despite Violence Mideast Coexistence Programs Continue to Thrive

Recent tensions in the Middle East have raised a lot of questions about whether peace will ever be attainable. With Palestinian attacks in major Israeli cities, the terror cells of Hamas, and the threats of Hezbollah and ISIS to the North, the situation doesn't exactly look hopeful. However, even during this tense time, peace efforts are continuing. Some of the main goals are targeting the next generation who may just be our only hope. Two groups leading the way are Games for Peace and Kids4Peace International.

Israeli Scientists Isolate Virus for Treating Bacterial Disease
March 05 2015

Israeli Scientists Isolate Virus for Treating Bacterial Disease

In the war against bacteria, scientists are constantly having to invent new antibiotics as bacteria evolve resistant strains. Now an old idea seeing the light of day for the second time may hold the answer to the antibiotic vs. bacteria arms race. Two Israeli scientists, Dr. Ronen Hazan from the Institute of Dental Sciences at Hebrew University and Dr. Nurit Beyth from Hebrew University-Hadassah School of Dental Medicine, are researching the therapeutic potential of a virus taken from Jerusalem’s sewage.