About Us

How does IsraelBizReg Work?

All information for the reports produced by IsraelBizReg are obtained from the Israel Companies Authority. This is the national body in Israel that is responsible for registering corporations and is the most accurate source of information on Israeli business. Our process involves requesting and paying for the appropriate documents and information from the Israel Companies Authority, formatting, and translation from Hebrew to English. The result is an easy to read report that will let you know the shareholders and directors of any company in Israel along with other important data points.

Who uses IsraelBizReg?
Anyone who wants an inside look at a business entity in Israel can use IsraelBizReg to order reports. Most of our customers are potential clients or partners of Israeli businesses, attorneys involved in litigation with an Israeli company, and investors looking for the ownership structure of an Israeli business.

IsraelBizReg is the only source online offering detailed Israeli company information in the English language. We offer Israel company reports in three formats: basic, detailed, and a full company file. Our database contains entries on over 225,000 Israeli companies. However, even if you don't find the company you're looking for - let us know via our contact form or at info@israelbizreg.com and we'll perform a company search free of charge.

Please note that IsraelBizReg is a private service and is in no way affiliated with the State of Israel or the Israel Companies Authority.